Electrical system development

Modern vehicles offer us more and more advanced functions and comfort. All innovations have a direct impact on the vehicle electrical system, which controls the flow of information in the vehicle and connects the ECUs with sensors and actuators. This means that the electrical system is the connection of all electrical and electronic components in the vehicle and is responsible for all communication.

We plan, develop and optimize your electrical systems as a whole.


We design your wiring systems along the development process defined by the local OEM.

Using VOBES (Volkswagen Bordnetz Entwicklungs-System), we create system and cable circuit diagrams, define the cable laying in 3D and create wiring harness lists (KBL) for you.


Optimization of the electrical system

Using our in-house developed analysis tool TriHarness, we check the content of vehicle electrical systems on the bases of predefined rules. This is a simple way to ensure the technical requirements as well as the quality of the data and also to optimize the costs.

We also manage the change management process for you.

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